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  • Have complete knowledge of the market, thereby allowing you to identify all the potential ingredients, materials, and suppliers that can help to accelerate our innovation process, improve key metrics, and minimize the time-to-market (helping with R&D and supply chain challenges).
  • Involve all departments in Procurement processes to facilitate cross-functionality.
  • Maintain a Supplier Relationship Management approach that aligns the company's portfolio of key suppliers, profiles, and capabilities with business needs in terms of innovation, product quality, service quality, capacity, compliance, and cost competitiveness.
  • Formalize contractual relations with the key suppliers, thereby including all compliance requirements linked to legal, corporate, and social responsibility; operations; and quality, while maintaining a systematic focus on protecting Heura's sensitive and IP-related information.
  • Lead internal SRM meetings with all internal stakeholders to discuss the performance of global key suppliers and to align communication flows, current agendas, and priorities with the company's suppliers.
  • Lead external SRM meetings with suppliers according to a cross-functional approach, in which you go over business updates and projections, discuss current performance (quality, service, etc.), provide updates on major opportunities and improvement plans, etc.
  • Participate in preparing and validating the procurement policy and strategy.
  • Negotiate purchasing deals, meet the company's requirements, and optimize purchase prices.
  • Ensure that Procurement-related Master Data are properly maintained in the ERP (updated purchasing conditions, purchase prices, etc.).
  • Maintain full management of category spending (budgeting and cost control processes, deviation analysis, and pipeline of cost reduction initiatives), including Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Prepare and periodically update the sourcing risk management map and include recommendations.

Perfil Buscado (H/M/D)

  • 3-5 years experience in the Food Company Purchasing Department.
  • Management of a minimum Purchase volume of € 10M.
  • Negotiation capacity and relationship with suppliers
  • University degree. Complementary studies on MMPP markets, Purchasing and Stock Management, etc.
  • Negotiation level English.
  • Search for alternatives, monitoring the Raw Materials market.
  • Resolute, proactive and organized person. Analytical capacity, highly valuable.

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